Friday, September 19, 2008

New Lamello Top 20 Biscuit Joiner Special

While supplies last, we are offering a special package as we move into this fall season. The package includes a Holiday Top 20 S3 Lamello biscuit joiner in a Systainer case at the same cost as a Lamello Top 20 S3 in a wooden carrying case. This is an approximate savings of $50! The Systainer system is popular among many woodworkers as it integrates with other tools that you may own, aka Festool. We get a lot of requests for biscuit joiners in a Systainer case. The special Systainer packages will be available in October in limited supply, so place your orders now.

Sola Levels USA

We are now stocking Sola Levels. Sola Levels are an alternative to Stabila Levels and offer a lifetime warranty...If something happens to your Sola Level or vials, Burns Power Tools will swap it out for a new one!*

Advantages of Sola Levels:
1 - Easy to clean powder coated profile
2 - Fibreglass-reinforced tension bar presses vial-block in profile to compensate shock and temperature
3 - 2-component thermoplastic-block to hold vial
4 - Vial ultrasonically fixed in housing
5 - Plastic cover to avoid dust or cement ingress
*Abused/Bent Levels Excluded

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freud DIABLO Mixers

Freud has just launched a new line of industrial DIABLO mixers. You'll notice a new ergonomic 'stearing wheel'-type design for maximum control and comfort. There are two models available:
  • The DM800E DIABLO Mixer by Freud has a 7 Amp, variable speed, soft-start motor.
  • The DM1602E DIABLO Mixer by Freud has a 10 Amp, 2 gear variable speed, soft-start motor.

Other mixers that these new products will compete against are the DeWalt DW130V, which is a 9 Amp tool, and the Ridgid R7120, which is a 7.5 Amp tool.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

JB1040 10" General Purpose Saw Blade

Marshall Burns here. This letter is to follow up on a discussion between Tom MacDonald and the members of his web site, where he as master woodworker has recommended the Burns JB1040 as the best 10" saw blade that he has ever used.

I have spent my entire life in the design, sharpening and servicing of circular saw blades, including five years of anvil work at Simonds Saw Co. of Fitchberg, Massachusetts. I was contacted and asked why this saw blade does what it does...well, here is my answer!

The blade plate is made by one of the world's best saw makers to my specifications of ** Rockwell hardness. This specific hardness is proven to be the best, and the blade is then precision ground and hand hammered to the proper tension for average table saw speeds.

I stress HAND TENSIONING because it is far superior to roll tension, which other saw makers use. In roll tensioning, opposing rolls press tension into blade in a circular motion, which creates even forcefields around the center of the saw plate. When a saw blade gets dull, heat builds up in the plate body and begins to follow the line of least resistance in the even force fields, and deflection can begin causing the blade to warp and wobble. Hammered tension, with every blow causing force fields to run into and through one another, will resist heat much better.

Each blade is completed with the Burns SuperSharp Finish, and we believe that we have the best
10" all-purpose blade in the world.

I guarantee our quality,
Marshall Burns