Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DeWalt Extreme Runtime (XR) Cordless Tools

DeWalt XR Cordless Tools are designed with brushless motors and high capacity batteries. The results of this combination are amazing, resulting in:
  • Cooler running motor.
  • More efficient motor.
  • Longer runtime.
In a recent test, the DeWalt DCD790D2 XR Brushless Compact Drill with a 2.0Ah battery outperformed the DeWalt DCD780C2 (brushed) compact drill...it drove 1,737 screws compared to the brushed version's 649 screws!

Why brushless? The physical contact of brushes causes system inefficiency through energy loss, friction, and heat build up. Brushes are wearing parts that occasionally need maintenance and replacement...this costs money! With DeWalt's brushless motor, power is delivered to the stationary electromagnets through electronic circuitry. The friction point is removed creating a more efficient use of the power and less power loss equating to more run-time. The wearable components are removed requiring less maintenance, and saving you money in the long-run!