Monday, November 3, 2008

Bosch Rebate Offer: Free 14.4V or 18V Litheon™ Battery

Bosch Tools has a new rebate offer! Buy any 14.4V or 18V Bosch Litheon cordless drill and get a bonus 3rd battery free with mail-in rebate from November 1st, 2008 through December 31st, 2008.
The participating models are 17614-02,
36614-02, 37614-02, 17618-02, 36618-02 and 37618-02.

Friday, October 31, 2008

New Tool: Freud Doweling Joiner

This week we got to see the FDW710K Freud Doweling Joiner. This innovative new tool is a time-saver that allows a woodworker to create perfect 32mm shelf pins without the expense of a large doweling machine. The other benefit is that it is completely portable, and comes at a very reasonable $329 price tag!

In addition to the shelf pins, the dowel joiner allows for strong joints in furniture. This tool will compete with the biscuit joiner and the Festool Domino system.

We also got a look at the new Freud JS104K "Avanti" Joiner. This biscuit joiner has a lot of nice features, and a nice price point at $149.99.

Freud tools are manufactured in Spain and carry a 5-year warranty.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two New Products from Milwaukee

Milwaukee Tool has launched two new unique and innovative products: A cordless copper tubing cutter and a cordless hacksaw.

The M12 Copper Tubing Cutter is specifically designed for cutting copper with speed and versatility. With a 12V LITHIUM-ION battery and ultra efficient gearing, the 2471-22 performs up to 200 cuts on a single charge. At 500 RPM, the patent-pending cutting mechanism cuts up to 10X faster than conventional cutters and automatically adjusts diameter to cut through 3/8" to 1" tubing.

the M12 HACKZALL Recip Saw, a compact, lightweight saw designed for powerful, versatile cutting in tight spaces for virtually all tradesman as they tackle plumbing, electrical, remodeling and HVAC applications. Featuring a 12V LITHIUM-ION battery, the HACKZALL cuts over 80 pieces of 1½" PVC on a single charge. The 2420 delivers a ½" stroke 3,000 times per minute for a smooth yet aggressive cut, and utilizes a keyless QUIK-LOK blade clamp to ensure quick and easy blade changes. The lightweight design offers less user fatigue as well as one-handed operation. Compact design makes it easier for users to access tight spaces or awkward angles. The HACKZALL features a variable speed trigger that provides increased user control and all-metal gear case and gears that live up to Milwaukee's legendary durability. Additional features include a Built-in LED Light and Battery Fuel Gauge that displays the remaining run- time. Backed by Milwaukee's 5-Year tool warranty and 2-Year battery warranty, the 2420-22 comes with two 12V LITHIUM-ION batteries, 30-Minute charger, two Hackzall blades and carrying case.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bosch Lithium-Ion Cordless "SUPER SALE"

On Friday, October 17, Burns Power Tools will be be having a huge sale on Bosch Cordless Tools! Here are some of the highlights:
  • 37618-01 18V Litheon Brute Drill/Driver Kit: $299 Sale Price - $75 Trade-In = $224!
  • 17618-01 18V Litheon Brute Hammer Drill/Driver Kit: $329 Sale Price - $75 Trade-In = $254!
  • 36618-02 18V Litheon Compact Drill/Driver Kit: $219 Sale Price - $75 Trade-In = $144!
  • CLPK40-180 18V Litheon 4-Tool Combo Kit: $549 Sale Price - $75 Trade-In = $474!

Stop by for these great deals... and your chance to meet Mickey Maloney!

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Lamello Top 20 Biscuit Joiner Special

While supplies last, we are offering a special package as we move into this fall season. The package includes a Holiday Top 20 S3 Lamello biscuit joiner in a Systainer case at the same cost as a Lamello Top 20 S3 in a wooden carrying case. This is an approximate savings of $50! The Systainer system is popular among many woodworkers as it integrates with other tools that you may own, aka Festool. We get a lot of requests for biscuit joiners in a Systainer case. The special Systainer packages will be available in October in limited supply, so place your orders now.

Sola Levels USA

We are now stocking Sola Levels. Sola Levels are an alternative to Stabila Levels and offer a lifetime warranty...If something happens to your Sola Level or vials, Burns Power Tools will swap it out for a new one!*

Advantages of Sola Levels:
1 - Easy to clean powder coated profile
2 - Fibreglass-reinforced tension bar presses vial-block in profile to compensate shock and temperature
3 - 2-component thermoplastic-block to hold vial
4 - Vial ultrasonically fixed in housing
5 - Plastic cover to avoid dust or cement ingress
*Abused/Bent Levels Excluded

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freud DIABLO Mixers

Freud has just launched a new line of industrial DIABLO mixers. You'll notice a new ergonomic 'stearing wheel'-type design for maximum control and comfort. There are two models available:
  • The DM800E DIABLO Mixer by Freud has a 7 Amp, variable speed, soft-start motor.
  • The DM1602E DIABLO Mixer by Freud has a 10 Amp, 2 gear variable speed, soft-start motor.

Other mixers that these new products will compete against are the DeWalt DW130V, which is a 9 Amp tool, and the Ridgid R7120, which is a 7.5 Amp tool.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

JB1040 10" General Purpose Saw Blade

Marshall Burns here. This letter is to follow up on a discussion between Tom MacDonald and the members of his web site, where he as master woodworker has recommended the Burns JB1040 as the best 10" saw blade that he has ever used.

I have spent my entire life in the design, sharpening and servicing of circular saw blades, including five years of anvil work at Simonds Saw Co. of Fitchberg, Massachusetts. I was contacted and asked why this saw blade does what it does...well, here is my answer!

The blade plate is made by one of the world's best saw makers to my specifications of ** Rockwell hardness. This specific hardness is proven to be the best, and the blade is then precision ground and hand hammered to the proper tension for average table saw speeds.

I stress HAND TENSIONING because it is far superior to roll tension, which other saw makers use. In roll tensioning, opposing rolls press tension into blade in a circular motion, which creates even forcefields around the center of the saw plate. When a saw blade gets dull, heat builds up in the plate body and begins to follow the line of least resistance in the even force fields, and deflection can begin causing the blade to warp and wobble. Hammered tension, with every blow causing force fields to run into and through one another, will resist heat much better.

Each blade is completed with the Burns SuperSharp Finish, and we believe that we have the best
10" all-purpose blade in the world.

I guarantee our quality,
Marshall Burns

Monday, August 4, 2008

DeWalt $50 Woodworking Rebates!

Valid on purchases from August 1 through October 31, 2008. Get a $50 Mail-In Rebate when you buy any of the following tools:

We are also offering FREE SHIPPING on DeWalt Tools! Call or Order Online Today!

New Delta Rebates NOW!

Between August 1st and October 31st, 2008: Buy Any of the following and receive a $50 REBATE by mail:

We are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all of these Delta items. We'll also throw in a Black & Decker BDL400S CROSSHAIR 90° Auto Level Laser with any order over $599!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bosch Adding Left-Blade Circular Saw to Arsenal

Bosch Power Tools has added a new circular saw to its line. The Bosch CS5 left-blade circular saw allows for a better line of site and improves accuracy of cuts for right-handed users. The saw, which has a 15 amp motor, bevel capacity of 58 degrees and an anti-snag lower guard, will offer competition to the Milwaukee 6391-21 and the Porter-Cable 423MAG saw, but at a much lower price point.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Porter Cable 390 Sander Engineered for Performance

Porter Cable's new 390 and 390K Sander thrives through pressure using Porter Cable's new ENDURATECH Technology. This random orbit sander includes a BRUSHLESS MOTOR and a new compact design, which places the user's hand 31% closer to the material when compared to traditional palm sanders (such as the 333 Sander). This means better control for the user!

The ENDURATECH 3.5 Amp brushless motor also features Electronic Load Control which constantly monitors and maintains motor speed, resulting in 42% faster material removal according to Porter Cable engineers.

Because there are also fewer wearing parts (much like the Festool C12 cordless drill), the ENDURATECH motor will provide woodworkers with 5 to 10 times longer life than traditional motors!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Festool Kapex Miter Saw KS120 - Unbiased Review from a 70-year Vet

Marshall Burns here. A word about my past - over 70 years being involved in the saw blade and woodworking power tool industry. I learned most of my trade from my father, who spent most of his life working in saw mills in Maine taking care of and maintaining the saws used in all cutting operations.

All top quality saw blades are made of the best nickel alloy steel coming out of steel mills, and are sent through a ridged manufacturing process. Take 10" circular saw blades, for example. They are first precision ground then sent to the anvil room, where qualified sawsmiths level them to exact specifications. They are then tensioned to run true at about 3400 rpm, which is the speed that most 10" table saws run at.

Now, a word about the 10" Miter Saws available (and there are a lot of them!). Most of them run at 5000 rpm. This is fine if the user is using a good blade that is tensioned to run at that speed, but this is not what happens. The user invariably puts a cheap blade on the arbor that will not run true at this speed, causing an inaccurate cut. The operator then tends to blame the machine's accuracy.

I worked for five years as a sawsmith at Simonds Saw & Steel Company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Simonds was one of the largest saw makers in the world, with over 2,000 employees. They claimed it took at least five years to become a master sawsmith.

Back to power tools. My purpose in writing of my past experience is to lend credence to what I am going to write about: The new Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw by Festool. The heart of this tool is the motor, which is 1600 watts (13 amp) and is the only one available with variable speed, electronically controlled from 1400 rpm to 3400 rpm. To me these are the best speeds to cut all woods and plastics, and also lower speeds for all non-ferrous metals. The machine comes with a top quality 60-tooth carbide saw blade that is leveled and tensioned by master saw smiths to exacting specs. With all other features listed here, this tool rivals the best table saws for accuracy.

Any one interested in talking more about this machine, feel free to call the Old Blade Man at Burns Power Tools (508.675.0381).

Monday, May 5, 2008

Carbide Saw Blade Sharpening Service

Burns Tools has launched a new web site dedicated to saw sharpening. At the site,, customers can learn about the saw blade sharpening service that has been offered by Burns for over 70 years!

Dealers can also get in on the act, as Burns is offering discount sharpening for authorized dealers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Porter Cable's OMNIJIG Now Available

We now have the new Porter Cable OMNIJIG set up in our showroom. The new OMNIJIG comes preassembled and calibrated right out of the box. Color coded onboard instructions ensure that it is also easy to use. Router bit depth gauges and template positioning stops combine to offer repeatability across applications. Add innovative details like a router stabilizer bar and variable-spaced fingers, and no other jig even comes close! Now you can make hundreds of joints with just one jig. The OMNIJIG is available in a 24" system - Model 77240, as well as a 16" system - Model 55160. The older Dovetail jigs - Porter Cable 4210 and Porter Cable 4212 - are still available.

We are currently offering Free Shipping on these and other Porter Cable tools!

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Specials from DeWalt, Delta & Porter-Cable

Beginning on May 1st, 2008, there are some new DeWalt, Delta & Porter-Cable promotions and new products. Here is a quick outline:

In addition to those money-saving rebate offers, there are plenty of new products being introduced:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SawStop's New Contractor Saw

This past weekend we had a booth at the JLC Live Show in Providence, RI. We showed off the new SawStop Contractor Table Saw, and the feedback was fantastic! We performed SawStop's famous 'hot-dog demo' numerous times and allowed contractors and woodworkers to finally get a close-up look at the much-anticipated saw.

This is a slimmed-down, but still SAFE, version of SawStop's unique cabinet saw. The SawStop Cabinet Saw has been out for over three years, and the feedback that we've gotten on the saw has been great. Besides the incredible safety features, this is a saw of the highest quality. The version that we showed at the JLC will probably retail for around $1,500. Options such as cast-iron wings and a Biesemeyer-style fence system will probably drive the price up into the $2,000-range. The saw should be available in 6-8 weeks. If you are located in New England and would like to be notified when we get our first SawStop contractor saws in stock, please feel free to contact us.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Four New Festool Tools!

Wow, is Festool ever bringing it now! Three new tools will be introduced on May 1st, 2008: The MFK700 Modular Router, the OF2200 Router, and a new Multifunction Table, the MFT/3. Festool will follow that up with the introduction of the long-awaited Kapex 10” Sliding Compound Miter Saw on July 1st.
All four power tools adhere to Festool’s motto of ‘Faster/Easier/Smarter’. I would add ‘Cleaner’ to the mix, as all four tools will provide shops with plenty on dust-free action when used with one of Festool’s dust extractors. Festool continues to solidify itself as the most innovative power tool company in the world with these introductions. Here are some highlights of each new tool:

MFK700 Modular Router

Despite the price tag ($510), the MFK700 is a cost-saving multipurpose tool: quickly change the router base, rather than reaching for a different power tool, and you’ll be equipped to handle a wide range of routing applications. You are able to attach and remove all of the components of the MFK without using a tool. The MFK, with its 720 Watt motor, will quickly become the most versatile tool in your shop.

OF2200 Router

While it is usually hard to find a router with decent dust collection, the OF2200 router allows you to work cleaner with a retractable, spring-loaded 36-degree dust shroud. The shroud maximizes dust extraction while providing high visibility of the workpiece. The OF2200 also offers tremendous plunge depth capacity. With 3.15” of travel, the plunge depth is among the best in the industry. There is also a micro-adjustment knob to fine tune the plunge depth in increments of 1/256”! The four position depth stop turret provides pre-configurable plunge depths including a 5/64” finishing pass setting. Looking for power and stability? The OF2200 router features a triple bearing design which dampens spindle and bit deflection. With bearings at the top, middle and bottom, the spindle is less likely to wobble. This is particularly important considering the sheer power (2200 Watts!) and the centrifugal forces exerted with spinning large bits at speeds up to 22,000 RPM. One of my favorite features is the ratcheting collet. Press the spindle locking lever to disengage spindle movement, then use a single wrench to ratchet off the unwanted collet.

Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Festool fanatics have been waiting for this one! Finally a sliding compound miter saw that combines a large cutting capacity with a compact lightweight design that achieves the precision needed for high-quality results and detailed solutions to inspire any professional user. Why not try it for yourself?

You can preorder any of these new tools at

Friday, February 29, 2008

Kreg Offers New Rebate Promotion

Kreg is offering a $20 mail-in rebate for anyone who purchases a new Kreg Jig® K3 Master System (Item# K3MS), the ultimate package for pocket hole joinery from “The Pocket Hole Professionals”.

The K3 Kreg Jig is packed with loads of innovative new features. The first of these new features is a three drill guide block that can now be used in two separate tool bodies. Slide the block into the benchtop base and drill pocket holes on your workbench, or remove the drill guide block and quickly place it into the smaller, portable base for use on the job site. The face of the drill guide block now features a metal insert that will produce years of clean-cut pocket holes. In addition, the benchtop base features patent pending front side clamping that places the clamp handle on the same side as you drill - No more reaching around the workpiece to clamp! Are you tired of having to clean up wood chips after a day of drilling pocket holes? The benchtop base also accepts a snap-on dust collection shroud that can be easily connected to a shop-vac for chip free drilling! We’ve also built-in more height adjustment into the drill guide block, allowing you to center a screw in materials from 1/2” to 1-1/2” thick in 1/8” increments. Another new addition to the K3 model is the Material Support Stop. This innovative feature allows you to place pocket holes in exactly the same location on multiple workpieces for true production style pocket hole drilling. The stop is hinged so it can be easily moved out of the way when drilling panels. Quite simply, the Kreg Jig K3 Master System is the most feature packed pocket hole tool on the market, from the legendary leader in pocket hole technology. The Kreg Jig K3 Master System contains: (1) K3 Drill Guide Block, Benchtop Base, Portable Base, Dust Collection Shroud, Material Support Stop, Premium Face Clamp, 3/8” Step Drill Bit (KJD), 6” - #2 Driver Bit, 3” - #2 Driver Bit, Depth Collar, 1/8” Allen Wrench, SPS-C1 screws, SML-F125 screws, SML-C125 screws, SML-C150 screws, SML-C2 screws, SML-C250W screws. Carrying Case and Detailed Instruction Manual.

Friday, February 8, 2008

J.J. Burns - Striving Is Our Objective

This document, written by Burns Tools' founder J.J. Burns in 1973, was just found when we recently moved our offices. The most interesting part is J.J. talking about hitching up his ox team with his grandfather as they went out lumberjacking in Nova Scotia:

"Striving is Our Objective"

My one great objective from the time I became associated and familiar with the ecology of saws related to their use in the cutting of things which have become too numerous to mention. I embarked into the field of saws, their use and functions. The act of cutting tools is an old one. Down through the ages of time more things have had to be cut. Some brought about by nature, more by the genius and efforts of man.

Way back in 1895 my Grandfather had a 'One-Man, One-Saw' up and down sawmill that ran from a water wheel. This mill was located on a small water brook in Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada. The foot or board sawing capacity of the mill was 1,000 feet per 11 hour day for 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. Sunday being a church day, Grandfather would close down the gates of the wagon shed so as to store a pool of water for the next 6 days' sawing.

I recall as though it was only yesterday my Grandfather would hitch up the old ox team on a pair of front lumber wheels, then call out to me at 6:00 a.m., "Come Johnny let's get going!"

Off we went, oxen, carts, bag of hay, 6 quarts of corn meal for the oxen, a red bandana hanky with 4 hard-boilded eggs in the shell, a good sized onion, 4 or 5 homemade biscuits, salt and pepper, tea, a kettle, a fork and knife, and matches to build a fire to make dinner. This we did together day after day.

As time went on I grew up to be a young Lumber Jack, went to Maine into the woods as a Swamper, next a Yard Tender, from there to a Tree Lapper or Head Chopper, then a Foreman. As soon as the ice broke up in the rivers and lakes we would drive the logs down the rivers to the sawmill ponds where these logs were sawed into finishing material, such as boards, planks and other dimensions.

I worked from job to job in the sawmills meanwhile acquiring experience in all phases of operations.

My experience gained, by and large, started with my Grandfather in his one-man water wheel mill. Even today at this age of 80 I can survey the footage of standing timber to within 5%, plus or minus.

-J.J. Burns, 1973

Kreg Tool and Rockler

We just set up two new pages at for your woodworking convenience: Kreg Tool and Rockler Woodworking & Hardware.

With products ranging from $7,499 down to $13, Kreg offers a full-line of pocket hole tools to fit every budget and production schedule. Three manual tools; the Mini Kreg Jig, Rocket Jig, and K3 Kreg Jig offer inexpensive solutions for individuals looking to get started with pocket hole joinery, while the semi-automatic Foreman machine and the fully-automatic Pro Series machines offer larger shops the speed and durability needed to produce production pocket holes. Kreg's newest line of Precision Measuring products are premium accessory upgrades to make the woodworking machines in your shop more accurate and easy to use.

The Rockler name speaks for itself, as it is a name that is synonomous with woodworking. For the first time, woodworkers, contractors and hobbyists will be able to stop in at Burns Tools in Fall River, Massachusetts to complete their woodworking projects. Burns Tools will be stocking hinges, knobs & pulls, drawyer slides, cabinet doors and drawyers, in addition to the machinery, power tools and tool accessories that we've been stocking for over 70 years!

You can go to the Rockler page to order your Rockler catalog now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rockler Store at Burns Tools

Soon there will be a Rockler store within Burns Tools. We are in the process of moving our offices at our Fall River, MA location, which will allow us to create an additional 1200 square feet of showroom space! We decided to expand our offerings and become a Rockler Partner Store. Rockler is known for quality hardware, and we will carry many hard-to-find items from the Rockler catalog. Visit our website and click on the Rockler link to begin shopping for all your hardware needs now!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Porter-Cable Promotion is now offering FREE SHIPPING on Porter-Cable tools! Offer is good within the United States, and applies to Ground Shipping only. Now is a good time to get your new Porter-Cable saw, sander, or router!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Delta & Porter-Cable Going Forward

Heavy, Precise, and High Performance – Those are the key elements that Delta and Porter-Cable are stressing going forward when producing their power tools and machinery.

When somebody thinks of ‘woodworking’, the Delta Porter-Cable brand should be the first to jump to mind.

The way they are doing this is with quality, look, and ease of use. For example, the new OMNIJIG comes with a Norm Abram CD and is very easy to use. The are merchandizing better with a new look and more information on the tool’s box.

Delta is going to a silver and black look with a gloss finish. A blue accent will give the Delta Woodworking Machinery a visual pop.

As for products, the Delta Midi Lathe will have better castings. Delta will be promoted as “The Measure of Precision”.

The Porter-Cable brand is upping their warranty to match DeWalt’s 3-Year Warranty / 1-Year Free Service / 90-Day Guarantee.

Delta is also coming out with new products, led by a new Hybrid Table Saw with a 50” Biesemeyer fence system and the premium 36-946 miter gauge. The model number of this saw will be 36-750B.

Delta has 3 new drill presses out, the 20-950, 17-959LX, and 17-950L. All currently have special pricing. Porter-Cable 890 Router has major upgrades, including a newly designed plunge base with dust collection.

Upcoming launched include the replacing of the 31-255X drum sander by a redesigned 31-260X. There will be a new 22-790X 15” Planer with a 5-year warranty sometime in the first quarter of 2008. The AP400 dust collector will be redesigned and launched under the new model number 50-720/CT. It has a nice new look and is 1-micron. You can expect Porter-Cable’s OmniJig sometime in the late first quarter, also.

Porter-Cable has redesigned their nailers. The BN125 Brad Nailer will be replaced by model number BN138. The BN200A Brad Nailer will be replaced by the BN200B. The NS100A Narrow-Crown Stapler will be replaced by the NS100B, and the NS150A replaced by the NS150B. All will have rear-exhaust and be oil-free to keep contaminents away from your wood. The nailguns will carry a new 3-year warranty, come in a nice new case, and include safety glasses. You can expect these changes around March of 2008.
In February of 2008, they plan to launch new 3/8” drills, ½” drills, and new stud and joist drills.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Dynabrade Page at

A Dynabrade Tools page has been added to This page will have value to shops that run pneumatic tools off of compressors. Dynabrade is a leader in the air tool manufacturing industry, and their Spirit and Supreme random orbit sanders are among the most popular among professionals.

Since 1969, Dynabrade has earned a reputation of excellence and a position of leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of unique, portable, abrasive power tools and related accessories. With over six hundred quality tools in their product line, they are able to meet the specific needs of industrial and automotive aftermarkets. Dynabrade's products and accessories are used in grinding, deburring, filing, sanding and polishing applications on materials such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, rubber, stone and composites.