Saturday, December 29, 2007

The DeWalt Cordless Tool Vision

Lithium Ion cordless tools have gotten a lot of press over the past 2 years. Milwaukee started the craze with its Milwaukee V28 cordless tool line, which were marketed as ‘more powerful but lighter than regular 18V tools’. Bosch jumped into the game with its 36V Lithium Ion, turning historically corded tools into cordless tools. DeWalt did the same with a 36V line. Bosch then came out with 10.8V lithium ion screwdrivers, which were extremely light. Milwaukee and Makita then jumped back in, with 18V lines of lithium ion tools – Milwaukee with its V18 Series, and Makita with a sleek new look.

DeWalt has followed with in improved version of Lithium Ion tools – a phospate based lithium ion battery that DeWalt has trademarked its NANO Technology. NANO Phosphate it a different type of lithium ion, with its biggest advantaged being its weight and number of recharges.

Because DeWalt 18V XRP batteries have been so popular over the years, the new NANO tools can be used with the old XRP batteries. The new NANO chargers will even charge the old XRP NiCd batteries. Old chargers WILL NOT charge the new NANO batteries, so customers need to have a new charger handy.

DeWalt has 3 different lines of NANO cordless tools: 18V, 28V and 36V. The 18V is the same weight as a 12V NiCd, so contractors are going to get 18V power with much less weight. The 28V’s weight is similar to 18V NiCd, and the 36V is for electric-type tools, but without the cord...such as rotary hammers, circular saws, etc.
DeWalt is keeping its NiCd line, as they feel it still has its place among professionals.