Thursday, February 17, 2011

Burns Teaming up with PLS at JLC-Live Show

We will once again be at the JLC Live Show in Providence RI. This year, however, we will not be teaming up with Festool. For a change, we will be sharing a booth with PLS - Pacific Laser Systems! The JLC Live Show is being held at the Providence Convention Center on March 24th and 25th.

PLS Lasers are 80% made, assembled, and calibrated in the USA. Their tool line goes like this:

PLS5 - Their 1st tool. Designed by a framing carpenter. Goes Up/Down/Left/Right/Out. The pendulum target is useful and unique. No offset on this laser. How does it operate? One diode, put into an optic system, split 5 different ways. Gives a crisp point over a good distance. Twice as accurate as any other brand. You can make all your measurements on the floor and transfer up. A point-to-point laser with outside capability.

PLS3 - A dumbed down version of the PLS5...Up/Down/Out. Point-to-point laser.

PLS360 - Continuous, poor-man's rotating laser. 250 ft range. No moving parts, which is nice. Easy setup with ceiling bracket. A unique laser.

PLS90 - A 90-degree squaring tool. Shoots vertical lines. Point up, point down. Ideal for squaring on slab/on slope. Has a 300 ft. working range. Can be used outdoor on a tripod or 2x4. This SKU overlaps with the PLS5 point-to-point laser. Projects line crawls for form walls. Has both an indoor and an outdoor mode.

HVL100 - This laser shows everything. Shoots crosshairs, tied together. There is a lot on info in this tool! It is electronic self-leveling. An indoor tool for the most part. To add lines, you just push a button. Accurate to 1/8" at 60 ft. This is a do-it-all laser for interior finish guys. Made in China for PLS.

PLS2 - Crossline tool. Indoor only price point tool.

PLS180 - Also a crossline tool, but shoots a longer line and has an exterior mode for siding and shingle work. PLS's best selling tool.

FT90 - Squaring tool "Floor Tool 90". Offers an offset for grout. 65' range. Is very durable with an all-metal housing. Only squaring accuracy. A better choice for Tile guys than the DeWalt DW060K.

HLE1000 - An exterior only rotating laser. Spins fast at one speed only. Has grade capabilities. Comes with a rechargeable battery pack and an alkaline pack.

HVR505R - A rotating laser that self levels, even on its side! You can change speeds on laser, and it also has a scan mode. This laser will do manual grade for simple grade work.

HVR505G - Same laser as the HVR505R, but with a GREEN BEAM. A green beam laser is 4X brighter than red to the human eye.

PLS4 - Combo points and lines laser. 180-degrees, with plumb up and plumb down. For guys doing a little bit of everything.

PLS Lasers have no locks. They are not needed. The lasers have rubber shock frames. PLS hangs the optics so they don't need the pendulum locks. Every PLS laser comes with 1 year free calibration. They have a ETN (Exchange To New) program.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Bosch Portable Table Saw coming soon!

Bosch is launching a new table saw on March 1st: The GTS1031. This saw will be compact and completely portable in size. The saw will weigh 45 lbs, which is the same weight as the DeWalt DW745 portable table saw. The saw is the 'little brother' to the Bosch 4100-09, and will retail for $419.

A folding stand will also be available for the GTS1031 (item # GTA500).

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Bosch Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kits

Bosch has just launched a new electric oscillating tool. Bosch claims that the tool has similar power to the Fein MultiMaster at a lower cost. The tool is available in 2 kits:
  • the MX25EC-21 comes packed in a contractor bag and includes 21 accessories.
  • the MX25EK-33 comes with a hard case and includes 33 accessories.
With these tools, Bosch is also positioning itself to take a chunk of sales away from the Rockwell Sonicrafter.

Biscuits versus Floating Tenons

Various new machines for wood joinery, such as the Festool Domino Joiner, have entered the market recently. While the Domino is a fantastic tool with its own stand-out features, we wanted to take some time to point out the benefits and the advantages of the Lamello Biscuit Joiner versus other joining techniques. These advantages include:

Speed: The Lamello biscuit joiner provides the fastest cutting time per joint. To change biscuit size, simply turn a knob. There is no need to change cutters for different size biscuits. Lamello's system includes glue applicators specific to biscuit joining which saves time while providing even and accurate glue spread.

Versatility: The Lamello biscuit joiner provides the ability to cut grooves for EIGHT different joining elements without a Lamello cutter change. It can also be used for wood repair, cabinet hinges, flush trimming of protruding edges, door trimming and cutting of shadow joints. A floating tenon machine can do floating tenons.

Lateral Tolerance: The biscuit joining technique is designed to allow for slight lateral play when joining two workpieces together. Other techniques such as mortise and tenon, dowel and pocket holes have to be cut with 100% accuracy or the joint will not be flush. This increases set up time and causes aggravating reworks.

Proven Results and Reliability: Millions of joints have been made with biscuits over the past 50 years and they aren't failing. Thousands of Lamello biscuit joiners have been used and their reliability is legendary.

Price: Although the Domino and the Lamello Top 20 machine will cost about the same, a more price conscious woodworker can get started with a Lamello Classic C3 and box of biscuits for about 1/2 the price of the Top 20 or a Festool Domino machine.

If you want to make mostly chairs and tables, a mortise and tenon machine is probably best. But if you are doing cabinetry, casework, panel glue-ups, solid wood edging or miter joints, a Lamello biscuit joiner is the most efficient, cost effective option for you.

Decking Tools

Decking season is are some great tools that can help you out:
  • BoWrench - self-locking board bender and tongue and groove joining tool!
  • Kreg Deck Jig - hidden deck joints with the Kreg pocket hole system.
  • DW257 - DeWalt deck screwdriver
  • Deckwrecker - removes deckboards fast

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 New Saws from Rockwell

Rockwell Tools has come out with a unique new tool that, in some applications, can substitute for a table saw, a band saw, or a scroll saw. The Rockwell Bladerunner retails for $199.

Also, coming soon, is a Rockwell portable table saw. The item number in this is RK7241S. This saw has some great innovative features, such as a laser and a telescoping rear out-feed support.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New FEIN Filter Cleaning System

Fein has launched a new Turbo II vacuum with an automatic filter cleaning system at an excellent price point. The 9-20-25 FCS retails for $399. A manual crank cleans the filter, making this the prefect vac for tuck pointing blades and other tough applications.

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Milwaukee Tools Coming in March

Milwaukee Tool will be launching a new addition to the M18 line with a 5-3/8" Metal Cutting Saw on March 15, 2011. It will be available as a kit: Item # 2682-22, or as a bare tool: 2682-20. It will also be available as part of combo kit number 2698-22, which includes the saw and a hammer drill.

A new combo will also be available in the M18 line. The 2695-24 will include a 2602-20 hammerdrill, 2650-20 1/4" impact driver, 2625-20 hackzall, & work light. If you'd prefer an actual Sawzall instead of the Hackzall, you can purchase the 2696-24.

If you are looking for something smaller and more compact, Milwaukee is also coming out with the 2497-22, a M12 2-piece combo kit that includes a 2411-20 hammerdrill & a 2450-20 impact driver.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hammer Away!

Hitachi’s DH38YE2 spline shank rotary hammer is the next generation in Hitachi hammer technology. Compared to its predecessor the DH38YE, the DH38YE2’s power is packed into a more ergonomic body that is 2.9 lbs lighter, delivers less vibration and a lower noise level. Hitachi tools are currently on sale, and this hammer is going for $349 at!

Lamello Cantex Flush Milling Machine

Tired of trying to flush trim to melamine? You need the Lamello Cantex! The Lamello Cantex Ergo from is a flush milling machine for solid wood edges, featuring a new cutterhead design with an engraved scale. The helical cutting head, which comes with three carbide blades, induces a shearing cut for smooth cutting without chipping. Solid wood edged corners can be trimmed perfectly flush in one pass, and the machine is also great for minispot patches.

Check out Burns Tools wide selection of Lamello Tools here.